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Shall be reorganised

Ok, so after much thought (and with the mouse moaning aboout batteries I don't have) I've decided I'll be walking to Cannock tomorrow. I'll be checking money (which should be in) getting Kerrang! and Attitude, plus an order of batteries and Star Wars Lego from Argos. I'll also go into Gamestation and, if I have the money, I'll be getting pressie for babu and Sims for me. I'm counting on the money being in to do all this, but if it isn't I can walk home and yell at them tomorrow.

The money that won't be used tomorrow shall be split in half: half to give to mum to shut her up, half for MCR. By the time of the second MCR gig at babu's I should have another lot of money in for that and the same for 30 Seconds. Main thing I don't like is if money's less then I'm expecting I won't have much for first gig (and shal lhave to beg for some) and it'll mean that I'll have more for the second one (which i don't like). Good thing is though, if I see a lot of stuff I like (read as hoodie), I can get some one gig, some another.

Guess I'll know oon.

Recently I've craved going on The Sims 2. Problem is I've lost the game and can't find it (by lost I mean I knew where it was, then mum moved it so no one knows where it is). I've had four options on how to go on it again:
*Find the disc (have looked, it's lost)
*Buy a new one (waste of money)
*Borrow it off babu (takes too long)
*Transfer data from PC to new comp (can't, left laplink disc thing at babu's)

Then it hit me. It's installed on the ancient computer, so I just bring it in here. I mean I've got Nightlife, so I can go on that. That's meant I've spent the past half hour moving the printer that I hardly use, unhooking the old computer and bringing it in here. It's now on top of the record player cabinet thign (well the monitor is) so I can use it tomorrow once I have batteries for the wireless mouse/keyboard. Huzzah!

It also means I have extra space to put crap in bedroom which is good.

Yay for Futurama being on at 8. Yay for having wrote at least something.
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