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To choke you now

I hate mum. First she wakes me in the morning to come over and sort something and 5 minutes later she's not there. Bah. She's so annoying.

Then she wonders why we don't get on.

There's this adorable little Japanese (least I think it is) girl outside. She's got little pigtail things and just looks awww. Clearly she's going to my primary school (from her bag having the school's symbol thingy on it).

I've spent the better part of today (4-8, 8:30-11:50, 12-2:50) asleep, yet I still feel like I could snooze again.


I've got no money for Kerrang! tomorrow (and I'm not gonna ask) so it's either wait another day, or walk to Cannock to see if money's in. Depends when I wake up methinks.

Editing writing journal's interests and adding icons to it. I've gotta ask babu for new bannery things for it.
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