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There were a series of signs that I shouldn't have gone today. I shoulda took the hint and waited like I was going to as guess what? The money wasn't in. Since I only had enough for the one way trip, I was stuck there for a long time (moody bus drivers shoiulder be knocked out and left to drown in blood). I checked the bank machine 4 times, and every time there was just... nothing. Bah. So I spent almost 3 hours wandering around with no money.

The good thing was some of the things I was gonna get (read as Attitude) wasn't there. There was only one Highway (for £9.99) and Music Zone lacked Within Temptation. The Good Charlotte single was everywhere though as were Star Wars stuff. Meh. I was lucky to get back on the train with no one asking for a ticket.

I'm now only going again when I have money for sure. Which'll be Thursday or Friday, the thing is though, that by then it'll be just a week till MCR so I'll be less inclined to buy stuff. That and mum'll be with me when I check it Thursday sso shall moan for it which was why I wennt tpoday in the first place.


As long as the money's in Thursday I can get Attitude, Good Charlotte and... well whatever else I can get at Cannock. If in doubt I can always get Within Temptation at MCR.

Sigh, I'm just so pissed off. I hate today.
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