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When it comes to sheer spunkiness....

Ok, so I've decided to do some cutbacks. Before I had 30ish fics open, but I've downsized a bit. Now I have 13 open. Once they're done... I'll take break then open the rest gradually.

The 13
*Hungry Eyes
*The Time Of Our Lives
*Today We Learn About Oral
*Two different (smutty) Waycest standlones
*Frankie/Tom Delonge
*Jared Leto/Tavis Barker
*Bob/Gerard (with Bob/?)

Any fics not mentioned there are relegated to the next writing cycle (My Body is Your Body, the Hunt, What To Do With the Dead). The ones that are in the list are one of two catergories: they already have a sizable amount done to them (like Dead!) or there's popular demand for them (like, oddly, Pet). The ones not picked also have catergories. Either they haven't had anything done to them in a long time so I need to re-read them a lot (The Hunt, What To Do With The Dead) or lack of real interest (all the Zelda stuff). Lastly, there's the ones which are just ideas that haven't been written yet (5 Dreams). The only exceptions are the first surgery one and Mikey/girl!Mikey which I'll go back to once the others are done (also leaving them means I have two with some done for later).

Other things to do this week:
*Watch Blood: The Last Vampire, Saw II and Bullet Live
*Tuesday/Wednesday, go to Walsall to get stuff (Within Tempatation, Good Charlotte's single, The Used dvd/cd at least)
*Wednesday night from 8:30 I won't be online. Instead I'll be singing various Kylie songs as her concert's on again
*Beat Elite Four on Gold

Vote for antontobias86 and imyournobody. Win the awards they must *nod*

The Spartans were an interesting people.

Edit: Wahh at MSN dying again:(
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