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Blow for blow

Why do I always nap? Sigh. I think I'll try and write later tonight, (and, of course, all day tomorrow) I give up for now.

Homophobes should all be massacred. Especially those asses that are all 'oh I don't mind lesbians they're hot'.

To make up for lack of fic I bring pic post, which includes MCR (obviously), James Wan, Skins, 30 Seconds To Mars, Rabbids and others.

The Rabbids on the Wii

Rabbids never close doors

Frankie loves dinosaurs

Frankie's always hotter minus clothes

Possibly the hottest Ray pic ever

Bob's startled

Possibly by Ray's beast

Gerard and Matt Heafy, who clearly fucked

Speaking of people who clearly fucked..

Mikey's ours... though most Gerard's

Frankie should wear that make-up more often... it's hot


Bob startled again... by Gerard feeling him up

Mikey's scared... but by what?

Gerard has sexy armpits

MCR falling... minus Gerard for some reason (even though he does fall)

Pete wentz's mouth is automatically drawn toward cock. That's called a reflex

Maxxie is perdy

And totally wants Sid

Though he got off with Tony

Bert's perdy

So's Curtis, who loves big thinks in his mouth

Blink threesome much

James Wan (with the saw) is guh!

Goth!Shannon is guh

Jared+bondage tape

Letocest=< 3

Fat!Jared is oddly hot... thin!Jared is very scary
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