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As days fade

Whenever I set a day aside for me there must be a thing that alerts mum. Why? Cause every day I do I get disturbed by the phone and her saying 'come over' or 'let's go see nan'. So today's been spent at that place of death.

So yeah, terrible day.

Least I found thee I-Dog. Although it's cuteness is annoying due o it's need for batteries. And it's need to be unscrewed. (Why is it now I have a load of AAA batteries everything needs AA ones?) Sigh.

I refuse to come online properly until I have fic to post.

Shaun The Sheep is adorable < 3

Edit: *squees* The I-Dog's so cute! It's moving it's ickle head from side to side and flashing!

Gerard's armpits are sexy... I don't know why

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