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Take a step to the left

Today's been spent... well, sleeping a lot as always. After finishing Twilight Princess the buzzer went (at bout 10:30) so I opened the door to find babu's package. After opening it I fell asleep again though, then installed Theme Hospital (which is so amusing) and played on Pokemon Gold (I hate the happiness evolution with a passion) and Yellow. All thanks to babu (sending Theme Hospital and the GBC).

Next Monday's going to be a very freaky day. I dunno how to feel about it.

Why does it have to be so warm at nan's it's like the amazon? Alas, I have shortbread and money for Kerrang, which is good.

For the past few days I've wanted to watch The Poison Live. I might watch later.

I'm gonna have another go on Theme Hospital, then try and write, I'm still not fully awake from my last nap.
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