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Two sides of the same coin

So, I try to write, but my back hurts from this dumb fucking chair. I try to sleep but I'm not tired.

So what do I do?

Finish Twilight Princess that 's what.

Oh yes, go me.

Things of note (and those I don't understand):
*The Twilight Realm's perdy, but is the Palace really all there is?
*Zant is INSANE
*After seeing Zant bounce around like the madman he is, I now fail to be intimidated by him
*The Fused Shadows are so overpowered crazily (and why do they turn Midna into a spider-like thing?)
*Hyrule Castle is pretty
*The ogre dude is weird
*Huzzah for Shad!
*Puppet!Zelda was faily easy... I kept missing though due to the swiming buisness
*Beast!Ganon was easyish
*Why couldn't we see the Midna/Ganon fight?
*Ganon on horseback was annoying
*I hate horseback shit
*Ganon was fairly easy too
*Is Ganon gone now? I was under the impression that this was set before Wind Waker so what made his Triforce of power disappear? and who's neck sounded like it snapped? His or Zant's?
*Having Zant's image there confused me
*Ralis is so pretty
*Why's Shad doing a tour of the Temple Of Time ruins?
*So the kids FINALLY go home... so who's running Malo Mart?
*Midna's interesting looking
*Clearly Midna destroyed the mirror so that Ganon couldn't return to the Twilight Realm (or something of equal evil) as opposed to not wanting to see Link again
*Why the hell doesn't Link get a reward of some sort? In ANY game:
In Ocarina, Navi flies away and leaves him to fend for himself
In Majora's Mask he's pretty much told to piss of by Tatl rather then at least stay for the Carnival Of Time
In Wind Waker... well that Link gets the best deal, sailing the high seas.
in Minish Cap... well I can't recall him getting anything... or losing anything either
In Twilight Princess he puts the Master Sword back and returns home, having lost Midna (who was his main companion) so he's lost the ability to become a wolf and a friend as well.

Note to makers: next game have Link get at least SOMETHING for saving the fucking world. Goddessess knows the poor boy deserves it. Kay?

Regardless it twas a brilliant game and oh-so-cool.

Today, write I shall.
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