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Kill It Cook It Eat It is just... disgusting. And that's just the five seconds I saw when I stumbled on it. Ugh. Yeah, I write about people being disembowled, having their skin pulled off and having their eyes gouged out, but I just... can't stand seeing animals in pain or going through it.

Seeing another request for someone trying to find The Time Of Our Lives makes me go all eep inside. That's like, the third. I'm gonna try do a part now.

So far today I haven't wrote, cause between 6 and 12 I was asleep, then between 12:30 and 2:30 and again between 7 and 8:30. I've just had an overwhelming urge to snuggle in the shell blanket and that leads to sleep. Bah.

I'm gonna try and do some now, I work best at night. Well... sometimes.

Going on Animal Crossing today was well worth it. I got the Triforce. YAY!

The phone just rung for a moment, then stopped. Freaky.

Tomorrow, once my babu's GBC gets here I'll be on Pokemon for a few hours.
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