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Let's run towards them!

Ugh there was no donuts or Pepsi so I''m stuck with Sprite. It was either Sprite or Lilt. Sprite's better.

Mum wants me over there in half hour, so I decided not to write but go on Twilight Princess for the past hour. I'm now at the Twilight Princess. Midna seems like she was a bit... evil and manipulative, well now she's nicer.

Stupid Sages. NEVER send your problems through a portal. It only leads to trouble.

Holo!Zant is odd... and strangely disconcerting. The Twili are cute, though I hate those hand things that chase after the Sols. Evilness. Though the thing behind where they start of screams Zora's Sapphire to me. The Twilight Realm's perdy though. Least now I have the light sword. It's perdy.

Had a random thought bout MCR pairings so I did this.

Waycest: Obviously thee OTP. I mean just LOOK at them, they're doing it
Gerard/Bob :Bob lusts after loves Gerard. He'd probably do anything for him just for a kiss and cuddle
Gerard/Frankie: It's, to me, a lot like Ryden. That's to say it's overdone and gets in the way of the OTP. Note also how the Gerard/Frankie touching is being phased out for Gerad/Mikey touching
Gerard/Ray: Gerard likes cock, Ray has a big cock... I'm surprised there isn't a magnetic attraction between them.
Bob/Frankie: They (like Ray/Bob) seem to be close (there's even a Frankie riding Bob pic) though I think it would be more sex then anything.
Bob/Ray: They seem to have this thing and be really close, they also seem to be the outcats who are largely forgotten (see how much Ray and Bob porn there is, then compare to the others and you'll see) Obviously they do it... but who's top?
Bob/Mikey: Obviously, there's some sort of rivalry between them for Gerard. It's be angry sex I think
Mikey/Frankie: See Gerard/Frankie and change the names
Mikey/Ray: See Gerard/Ray and change names... liking for cock is genetic for the Ways
Frankie/Ray:: Has there been a Frankie/Ray? I dunno if the pairing would work. I mean, Ray's beast in a body as small as Frankie's... it'd be like Alien.

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