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An invasion army?

Last night I went on Empire At War and managed to do a full game without it fucking up like it usually does. I'm scared!

I didn't sleep till 6... or wake again till 12. When I did though, the buzzer was going. Turns out the person wasn't the postman, but a really scary guy who had 'just gotten out of prison' who was now a salesman.

Naturally I said no, closed the door and watched as he left. Meep.

Then I had a little nap for an hour and now, here I am.

I had a dream about the Letos. My dreams always seem to have one set of brothers or another. The second dream I had (during nap) was also a brother-dream, thoough in it Frankie was my brother. Fighting and angry sex ensued.

I'm gonna see about getting donuts now, then gonna go back to writing.
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