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Hungry Eyes Part 2

Hungry Eyes
Pairing: Ray/Bob
Rating: NC-17
POV: Third
Notes: AU, yeah, I've had the block again but now it's gone. So loadsa fic is gonan be posted over the next few days (mostly Waycest and other fics I left hanging [read as the Time Of Our Lives]) hurray! This was gonna go to Ray or Bob's POV, but I kept it in third. Dunno why
Dedication; antontobias86
Part 1

It took twenty minutes for the car to arrive at it's destination. Ray was used to such journey's, so he spent the trip split between gazing out of the window and scanning over the driver. He was quite attractive and from his clear muscles, Ray assumed that he was a top and a strong one at that. He could tell that he was a person that got what he wanted and he almost certainly got off on having complete control over another person. He made mental notes to prepare to be bound and whipped, or worse. You could never tell exactly how kinky a guy was until he inserted a ten inch dildo up your ass after clamping and weighting your nipples.

His home was, at least from the outside, was a fairly normal looking house. But he knew never to judge places or people completely by just what was on the surface. Once the car pulled into the driveway the other man spoke for the first time since he'd entered the car. "Get out." Ray nodded slightly, some of his curls falling into his eyes as he did so, before undoing his seat belt and opening the door, stepping out into the cold night air. By the time he slammed the door shut, he was out too, circling the car to where I stood slowly. "Follow me slut." Ray did as he was told, following him to his front door which was quickly unlocked, then shut again once they were inside. As soon as it the door was closed he spoke again, one of his strong hands trailing over Ray's back. "You may call me Sir, Master or Master Bryar."

"Yes sir." Ray couldn't help but let out a soft purr at his touch, knowing that his assumptions about this 'Master Bryar' being a dom had turned out to be completely accurate as he followed him into the spacious living room. The room was completely tidy, the exact opposite of his own home. A large screen plasma Tv was hung on one wall, in front of a large leather sofa which was easily big enough to fit five people. The walls were blood red, possibly purposefully, and the carpet was a strange black and red patten. Several cabinets were beside where the Tv hung, clearly for dvds and possibly videos too. At least, that's what Ray speculated. Anything could really be shut behind the black wood panels.

"Good slut... now, take off your whore clothes." Master Bryar was now seated on the leather couch, reclining back as he unzipped his flies to free his large cock. Ray found it hard to tear his eyes away from the organ long enough to pull his tube top over his head. Being a whore he seen a lot of cock, but the one in front of him was the biggest he'd seen personally. In fact, he'd figured dicks of that size were only restricted to porn films. As he dropped the top to one side, Bryar finally removed his sunglasses, revealling a pair of crystal blue eyes. Ray'd never seen eyes so blue and they made his new Master even more attractive to him. As he pushed the small skirt down his legs he made a note to put extra effort in to pleasing him, so as to ensure he'd gain another regular. The fishnets fell to the floor next and he found himself swaying his hips as he stepped out of them along with his heeled shoes. His own cock was throbbing and erect, but he tried not to think about it. In all likelyhood, Master Bryar would soon slip a cock ring on it anyway to make sure he didn't cum until he was allowed to do so. Sometimes that wasn't at all.

He slowly turned around, raising his arms high into the air as he did so, knowing that most guys wanted to get a full view first time. Once his back was facing him, he reached behind him, grabbing his ass cheeks and pulling them apart so that he could see his well-used but still tight hole before he turned back to face him. "Do I please you Sir?" As he said those words he parted his lips and circled his tongue over them.

"Mmm you do." His voice was almost a soft purr as he spoke, his bare chest now on display as well as his cock. He must have taken his top off while he was showing off his body. Ray's eyes scanned over his torso noting how that, while it was muscular it was also slightly tubby, as well his left nipple which had a silver ring adorning it. In short Master Bryar was beautiful to Ray, almost as attractive as the Ways were although Bryar was in a completely different Way to them. Ray wouldn't mind being on his knees pleasing him forever. His next words disturbed him from his thoughts and bought him back to the here and now. "What are your rates?"

For a few moments he struggled to remember the figures that he'd assigned himself. Normally they were easy for him to remember, but Bryar made him flustered to the point of forgetting everything entirely. After almost a minute of thought Ray closed his eyes and composed himself, letting the numbers flow from his lips as easily as they always did. "$20 for a hand job, $35 for a blow job, $40 for a clear rim job, $45 for a dirty one, $50 for sex, $60 for fisting..." he bit his lower lip, skipping over some of them. Mostly the ones he left out were ones that involved clients doing things to Ray and Bryar didn't look like the sort of guy that would be interested in any of them. "If you'd like me for the night to do all of those it's $200, $300 with extra kinky stuff." He paused for breath before speaking again, deciding to add clarification that always seemed to be required. "Extra kinky stuff is anything that hasn't been included in that list."

Bryar seemed to consider for a moment, before leaning forward slightly. "What are you willing to do?"

"Whatever you wish sir." Ray then decided to add a short list of thinks that he'd had done to him in the past, although he could easily hve spent over an hour detailing everything that he'd endured and come to enjoy. "Drink your piss, be suspended from the celing, be beaten until I'm covered from head to toe in bruises, whatever you want Sir."

He chuckled slightly, then laid back, lifting his hips up into the air so he could push his jeans down his legs. "Then that's the one I want."

"Of course Sir." Ray smiles and nods, his eyes back on Bryar's crotch, now gazing at his large, hairy sacs that hung beneath his impressive length. "What would you like first Sir?"

"Get those big, sexy lips of yours around my hard-on now!" Ray nodded, eagerly descending to his knees and shuffling towards him. Never in his career had he been so eager to have a guy shoot their load down his throat. As soon as he was between Bryar's spread legs he extended his tongue, swiping it over the soft, slightly wet head of his erection. His hazel eyes were locked on his crotch as he slowly slide his lips down over the head and along the shaft. After almost a minute, his thick, hard erection was fully in his mouth, my nose pressed up against his belly. He gazed up at him as he slowly pulled back, pressing his tongue against his underside as he moved. When just the head was in his mouth he circled his tongue around the sensative flesh then over his slit before swallowing his length again. The moans from above and the hand in his curly hair pushing him down a clear sign that he was doing a good job. He bought both his hand up, running one of his stomach and using the other to stroke his thigh and to thumb his full balls. Of course, that only made hum moan louder and make his fingers tangle and pull on his locks. "So good whore..." Those three little words only served to make Ray's own cock harder and cause him to tighten his lips. He focussed on sucking him rather then his own needs, something which he'd become very good at doing during the fast few years. If he concentrated on giving the other guy pleasure, by twirling his tongue or tightening the right musles then it would take his mind off his own aching length. His thick fingers tugged on the ring through Bryar's nipple, as the other cupped and squeezed his balls gently. As soon as his balls retracted up, he prepared himself and, sure enough, moments later, his orgasm came. With a low groan he arched his hips, holding onto Ray's head as his cock spurted his thick, salty cream down Ray's throat. He closed his eyes as he swallowed, savouring the taste of his seed. Although all cum was salty every guy tasted different. Ray'd always compared the taste of cum to snowflakes: no two guys were the same, just like snowflakes.

After the last spurt, Bryar fell back onto the leather sofa, panting softly, his hands falling out of Ray's fro. Of course, Ray knew better then to move until he was told otherwise, so he continued to suckle on the softening length. It wasn't until on of his hands pushed Ray back that he stopped sucking and sat back on his knees, a smile covering the blue-eyed man's face. "That was so good whore, but you can stop now. Later you can drink from there again."

"Yes Master Bryar, thank you Sir." Ray smiled back up at him, moving his hands so they were by his sides.

"I hope your ass is as good as your pretty mouth." Bryar trailed his tongue over his lips as he rested his head back again, keeping his eyes on Ray all the time, his gaze falling on his hardness. "And I'll be sure to once I'm hard again.... in the mean time, lay back and wack yourself off."
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