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Add that to list of things I hate

I've just been woke up by an old dude looking for someone that isn't me (or in the buildng). Find the right flats and dun wake me up please.

I only went to bed at 6.

Doing a post before waddlin back to sofa bed. The net screwed up before I went to sleep and so I hate to restart. Bah. Convo needed from them k?

The lunar eclipse last night was oddly perdy.

I'm very nearly done with Hungry Eyes part 2. (If I hadn't gone to bed I probably woulda finished it last night but my eyes were going screwy, as they are now). So at least that'll be posted today and maybe others too.

I've been into MCR now for just over two years. It doesn't seem that long really, but they've kept me sane and saved my life so for that I thank them. Yes I know a lot of people say that but shut up! They did. I'm sure they'll keep on doing it too.

I'm going back to sleep now, my vision's too blurry to write and there's a loada pics I must save but can't be arsed to do now.
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