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Progress report

It's so fucking cold again. I hate it.

After last post I napped, cause of said cold. Since then I've been writing and watching fuuny stuff on Tv (Friends, Third Rock From the Sun and now Little Britain). Anyway the following I've wrote some to:
*Hungry Eyes (which I'm doing now)
*Piggy (I need to decide something about that though)

Others have title's and warnings sorted, which is at least something. I did sentances to some lastnight as well so yay.

I'm so surprised that in the poll Pet gets so many votes. People liked it that much? I've only just realised today that I started a paragraph to part 2, but cause at the time people seemed uninterested I stopped there.

Anyone have pictures of Curtis Ward?

I can't be arsed to do a poll for one question so...

Curtis Ward or Sean Smith? Who's hotter?
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