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Made of this

After being too tired to fully utilise my new lack of block (why's it always go when I can't write or ready to sleep?) I spend today freezing cold.

I went to Cannock today, expecting just a 5/10 min trip to check my money. It's not in yet, so I go back to the car and grandad's gone 9he said he'd stay in the car). So I wait 10 minutes. No sign. I go off into town. No sign. After an hour of wandering round (and waiiting by the car every so often) he finally shows up. Bah.

Of course by that time I've seen a number of things I want, which I'll get when money's in:
*Saw 3
*A Beautiful Lie (in Woolworths of all places < 3)
*Kerrang 100 Icons mag (why I didn't know about this I have no idea)
*Star Wars: Lethal Alliance
*Rayman: Raving Rabbids for Wii (which one of the people behind the counter at Gamestation was playing so all I heard was the WAHHH's and Girl's Don't Wanna Have Fun)

Oddly, I saw the Game Boy player in Gamestation for £15. the pack I saw last week must have the Cube too.

In short, though, I'm annoyed. I wanted the money in today and it's not, plus I was in the cold.

I also hate that I have to get things personally now (I can order fuck all online due to lack of paypal and credit card) and that I have to wait until the money's in before I can go and get The Blackout and The Used's GIAN date tickets. If they have any left by then. Every day I'm made to wait more tickets are being sold. If the moneys not in by next Friday then I'll give up on going to both although I don't wanna.


Bring on Wednesday.
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