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Three divorces!

Things that make me happy:
*Japanese boy-porn. And lots of it
*Downloading said porn
*Gerard Way topless
*Waycest in general
*Babu being nomm'd for a mcslashawards, especially cause I didn't vote, so it means people other then me like her stuff which makes me < 3
*The other NME awards being fairly accurate apart from worst band

Things that make me meh:
*Mum being annoying
*Writer's block
*Feeling horrible
*LJ screwing up
*Having almost 30 fics open... yet inspiration for none
*Said porn downloading making net slow
*Wanting to load up more icons: but not wanting to delete any

I really cannot concentrate on fic at all. I hate it. Am I only inspired when I can't write? (ie when I'm down south). Bah

Vote in poll

Going to check money tomorrow. I hope it's in, then I can get Rabbids/Saw 3.
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