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The angel realm

Huzzah! Last night I finished City In The Sky on Twilight Princess! Now all the main bosses are done, it's just Zant and Ganon now. I got to otired to do much more after that other then perv on Shad. The dragon boss took twice to defeat... but only cause I wore the Zora armor first time round so the fire attack practically killed me in one hit.

I hate being woken at half 8 by the phone. Stupid gas man coming today. He came after 9 and made me feel uncomfortable. I always do around them.

Half watching the Gay Prom thing. I wish there'd been one of them when I was younger. Although the organisation is a bit crazy and challenging seeming. Though it shown an American one that looked good (guys making out is good). Homophobes outside should be killed.

Mum wants me to go to see nan. Although it would mean that I could check my money, I don't wanna go to the place of the dead for that. Plus I'm no in the mood/cold/tired. So I'm telling her the gas dude hasn't come to stall.

Also, going to 30 Seconds in London. I was gonna go to Birmingham, but I caved. Sigh. Not paying for the travel helps.

If it looks like a log with eyes it's probably not a log.
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