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Standing in the way of control

Skins is finshed.
*Anwar is a tosser. I screamed that at the tv a shit load. He's an absolute arse
*Maxxie's cute when asleep
*Maxxie's a good drawer
*Maxxie's cute and short
*Anwar's a tosser
*Tony is a whore
*Maxxie with a gun is very sexy
*Russians are scary
*Maxxie topless is hot, Maxxie topless and having Tony kiss him is hotter
*Tony's apparently not good at head
*Did I mention Anwar's a tosser?

It could've been hotter though. Yay for it being written by Simon though. Next week's doesn't look as good.

And now the NME awards, which sound like complete shit.

Edit: That Levine woman presentinfg the NME awards is a fucking bitch that I won't to kill. (Then again NME is shit in general so..) MCR accepting their award was adorable.
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