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Way down?

The now infamous fall, about 1 min in Gerard trying to feel Mikey up is hawt. Mikey rolling away is odd, though I thinks it's just him trying to stand.

Tomorrow will probably be poll time again. Why? Cause I like polls is why.

I have open now a different set of 4 fics to earlier in the week (and the one I started the other day, as well as My Body Is Your Body to read over): Dead!, Frankie/Billy/Paul, Travis/Jared and Mikey/Girl!Mikey. I have these open cause they all have one thing in common (well two) they're all standalones, that have a large amount done to them already.

Multi-part fics to do shall be done tomorrow (in fact I'll spend the afternoon eating donuts and writing them, as opposed to being online) as well as these. Those are The Time Of Our Lives, Hungry Eyes, Deaf And Dumb, Cause I See You Lying Next to Me, My Body Is Your Body, The Hunt and What to Do With The Dead. Yes I won't get a part for each of them but some at least.

Other one parts (or others) are Hard Slammin, Untitled Waycest, Matt/Jay, Waycest/Letocest, Ash/James, ficlets and Zelda fics. I've probably missed some too.

Ah well.
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