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The first paragraph of this post will sound very geeky. Prepare!

I spent last night after post playing on Empire At War (using a mod that added new planets and such, though it has some bugs). I love the killing and the explosions and the death. However, one thing bothers me. The mod let's you build Lucrehulk-class battleships and other Confederacy ships: but only over Mechis III a planet that's extremely close to Coruscant. Wouldn't it have made more sense to assign the building of such craft to the rim? Sure, it means I'm building up a huge fleet to invade the capital... but still.

The workmen are finally gone. HURRAY!

I think I had a dream, but dunno what.

I got Kerrang! Billy Martin adopt me now, I'll give you head if you do. His house is so cool looking and gothic and < 3 In short, I want to live there cause it'sjust so cool. Awww at benji getting him a sword. Though Kerrang! Orcs doesn't have a k anywhere in it. Also, pictures with Will Beckett with his mouth open wide are always very very good. Ditto on Oli being the same, though his hair=weird. Perdy Gerard poster and Mark too, but who to put up: Mark or Oli?

Yay for Fightstar and Kerrang, keep up with From First To Last.

I forgot the Lostprophets tour had just happened. Sigh. it got 5 K's. Ian skin is good. Turn the page and it's a review of The Blackout's camden gig, though they use Gavin's pic and not Sean's so I almost overlook it. Bad Stuie. Then I notice another little review on the same page, that probably would've gone unnoticed if I hadn't stopped (I rarely look through the gig reviews unless it's a band I like or a gig I've been to) and I had to do a double take before being sure what was reading.

Dir En Grey.

Sadly no pictures and it only got 3 K's but wow, Dir En Grey in Kerrang is something I didn't think I'd ever see.

Full page Madina Lake thing. I still say the twins are hot (and I had no idea they were in Fear Factor) and Dan is as well.

There's an ad for The Blackout's tour, on the same page as a 30 Seconds ad. I'll have to see about 30 Seconds when I go to Birminghamm, same for The Blackout. I still find it odd that they advertise Son Of Dork.

Next week doesn't have Bullet like I thought it would, but has MCR, AFI and Lostprophets sso it'll be good anyway.

Now, to fic... hopefully.
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