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Haven't you people ever heard of closing the fucking door

Not wrote today, mainly cause I hate the laptop keypad.

I did, however go on Twlight Princess. Things accomplished/noted:
*Kittens are cute and strange < 3
*Moving statues is annoying
*Retro cannon = < 3 I love it
*The city in the sky is cool, though has lotsa annoying holes
*The oocca things are cuteish
*Getting about a third through... though always falling down hols
*Shad is mmmmm

Beat the Elite Four round 1 on Leaf Green. Yay!

Read up a bit about stuff.

I watched Below tonight. Well, most of it. Twas good, like Deathwatch or R-Point only on a sub. I liked it, though it makes me wanna watch R-Point. It had one hot guy and damn the Americans destroying one of our ships.

Mum came in during it and started rambling, so grandad just turned the volume up to block her out.

Equus pics are like Ryden. Very, very annoying.

Dolphin killing is very, very wrong.
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