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Am I dreaming again?

Huzzah! Finally a day when I'm not woke by a drill! Victory is mine!

It took a good 3 hours for Empire At War to crash last night. that's very good time.

I'm packing up the Wii, Ds, pad and reference books to take over with me as I'm being forced into practically-babysitting duty again. All cause mum's at a stupid football match. Still, it mean I'll be on Twilight Princess. Hopefully.

I'm loading Dead!, the Waycest standalone and the Frankie threesome (and probably others too) to the pod to do on the laptop over there.

I'm stumped as to where my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game has gone.

What I've actually got packed in my MCR bag (and the plain boring one):
The New Essential Guide To Droids
The New Essential Guide To Vehicles And Vessels
The New Essential Guide To Weapons And Technology
Star Wars Incredible-Cross Sections
Revenge Of The Sith Incredible-Cross Sections
The Complete Visual Dictionary
Wii leads
Wii remote with nunchuck
Twilight Princess
Twilight Princess Guide
Resident Evil Archives
Animal Crosssing Wild World

Ok, screw taking things on pod, it's being a bitch and won't let tehm copy cause they're not media files. WTF? it's had them on before. Bah. Blank CD it is then.

Now, go I shall. Dunno when I'll be back though. Hopefully about 11ish and even more hopefull I'll have fic to post. Hopefully more then one.
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