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At last, answers

Now there's an answer as to why FFTL has been cancelling everything. The answer? No more Sonny. Sonny's doing solo work (which judging from last weeks Kerrang probably means living at Disneyland).

I wonder who their replacement for GIAN will be. I hope it's not Avenged, cause it will put me off going completely (I can't stand Shadows, he makes me angry inside).

I'm really glad I re-found Idiot Pilot's album. It makes me feel fuzzy inside.

I did some fic I like! Yay! Sadly, it's another 'new' fic, though I had the idea on the way back home last time I was down at babu's (then mentally fleshed it out since), problem is a lot of people might not understand it. Well, I think so. I'll just have to include lots of pictures.

I thought today was Tuesday for about 3 hours... then got confused as to why the Tv was different to the guide. Sigh.

I'm proud of myself. I finally made myself useful on Wookieepedia: by correcting a spelling mistake. Still proud though.

I've been there!

I'm going to go on Empire At War now.

I crave Letocest/Waycest and Jay porn, though I always do.

Almost a year now. I'm scared.
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