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Walk Away

Walk Away part 1
Pairing: Lee/Duncan
Rating: R
Warnings/Notes: Slash, angst, songfic
Disclaimer: I don't own em.

Lee's POV

I smile as I watch him sleep. His chest rises and falls with every breath. Hard to believe that this angel could love me. My smile widened slightly, he always fell asleep after we made love, one of the many things that makes him so cute. I kiss him on cheek before I snuggle his chest and fall asleep.

Is this masquerade finally over

My eyes flutter open as I feel his lips on mine. Every day I woke like this, and every day seemed better then the one before. "Wake up love." he whispers to me. "We have a performance."
I smiled up at him, wrapping my arms around him. "I'd rather stay in bed with you." I kissed his cheek.
He sighed. "You know how tempting that is." He kissed my neck and began kissing up to my ear. "But we have to work."
I pouted, as he leaned back. "Can't we take the day off, just this once?"
"Think of the fans." he replied, stroking my hair, "They'll be so disappointed."
"Is that why we can't tell them about us?" I glared at him slightly. It always bothered me that we had to hide us being together. "Are you ashamed of me? Of us?"
He sighed, pulling away. "You know that's not it..." He stood and walked away, searching for clothes. "We'd better get ready."
Before I could stop him, he was out the room.

Can we put down the roles that we've played so many times

The journey to the studio was unusually subdued. I could hear Ant whisper to Simon about the tension between us. Duncan just stared out the window. I sighed as I watched him, wishing I hadn't bought it up. Sure, I wanted everyone to know how much in love we both were, but, at the same time, I didn't want to lose him. He said nothing for the whole journey, but I didn't say a word either. I just didn't wanna make things any worse.

Is this really the final curtain

Soon we arrived at the studio, and went to our dressing rooms. Instead of coming with me like he always did, Duncan went with Ant. I sighed, as I followed Simon into the dressing room. As soon as we were inside, Simon looked at me and asked, "What's up with you two today?"
I just stared at him and said nothing, tears in the corners of my eyes. "Lee, what happened?"
"We had a fight..." I turned away, wiping away a tear.
"What about?" He asked, clearly concerned.
"Us. Being a secret from everyone." I was crying now, the tears running freely down my cheeks.
He hugged me, tightly. "Don't worry, you love each other too much to let this get in the way."
I smiled slightly, but inside I was worried. Scared that this all could be over.

The end of the play


While Simon was changing, there was a knock on the door. I stood from where I was reading and opened it. There, in the doorway was Duncan. "I can't stay long." He said, his voice was weak. "I've been thinking about what you said." He took a deep breath, but stayed where he was. "You're right. I can see how much I'm hurting you, and I'm...." He tried to regain his composure even as he started to cry. As I stepped forward to hold him he backed away. "I'm so sorry. I wish I could have made this work." He turned and left.
"Duncan, wait!" I called out, but he just ran, leaving me here, alone.

Or will we just dance this dance, we've danced again and again and again

Comments appreciated. Part two on the way. :)
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