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The killing jar

Later, I'm gonna go on the Wii and see if I can get it's internet working. the one thing I hate about it is it means I'll be offline fora short time, so I can only try later.

When I go on I'll be looking at the Wii shop to use the 2000 points on my points card. Trouble is I don't know which games to get so could you all please look at the list to recomend some games? Thankie < 3

Yay for Ocarina being on that list < 3

I hope at some point they add Cube games so I can download the Resident Evil's.

There's going to be an offer later in the year were there's gonna be shiny and a solid gold lego C-3P0's. I'm gonna hunt one down. You will be mine Gold C-3P0.

Mum's annoying and turning into babu's mum. It's scary.

Spring has sprung on Animal Crossing. It's sooo green!

I napped today on the sofa, Tommy was curled up on the end of the blanket < 3

Maxxie is love

I've pencilled myself in for The Blackout gig on the 5th. Meaning if there's still tickets when I have money I'll be going.
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