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Don't you want to know? Don't you want to grow?

Ahh it feels good to sleep till 12 for the first time in days. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Though being woke up by the phone does not.

Good news everyone though. I finally found all my Star Wars Essential Guides. Yay! I've lost them for months, so now I have them I'm randomly geeking out over them. Last night I random read up on Naboo starships.

...leave me alone.

Jay is adorable < 33

After finishing fic last night I've decided to write fics in blocks of three. That's to say have three fics open at any given time and switch between them. Once one is done, I switch to another. Right now I have open:
*Hungry Eyes (Hooker!Ray/Bob, multipart)
*Dead! (Frankie/Spencer, standalone)
*Untitled (Waycest standalone)

It's easier doing it like this. If I have all the ones I'm doing open it equals having 24 fics open which is too many so I get confused.

Anywaym,go now I must. Stupid family.
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