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Pairing: Maxxie/Sid
Rating: NC-17
POV: Maxxie
Notes: OMG Yay fic :P Though it's short but at least it's something. Also, as far as I'm aware, this is the first Skins slash anywhere so yay me
Dedications: antontobias86

"I can make you forget about her." As soon as I whispered those words, my lips were on his, my left hand cupping his crotch. He was so out of it I knew deep down that he wouldn't remember this. If he wasn't drunk then he probably would say no to me, probably push me away. For months now I'd considered this, taking advantage of him. At first I'd stopped myself from doing anything becaue I thought it was wrong, but the more I thought about it the less I cared about how wrong it was.

My fingers cressed his bulge as I kissed him again, my tongue slipping between his lips into his warm, wet mouth. He was hard, rock hard, because of me, because of what i was doing to him. Feeling that only encouraged me, so I quickly undid his fly, parting his jeans to reveal his boxer-clad erecion for my hungry eyes. I pulled back from his soft lips, gazing through his glasses at his half-lidded eyes. He was so beautiful and no one else seemed to notice or appreciate it. Well Cassie did, but she didn't count as she wasn't exactly all there. I slid to my knees slowly, kissing at the exposed skin of his arms on the way, until I was face to face with his crotch. Carefully, I took the waistline of his boxers between my teeth and slowly pulled them down until his cock and balls were free for my attention. Before I started I glanced up at his face. His eyes were still lidded and his head was tipped back against the wall, his lips slightly parted to make soft little gasps. I smiled at the sight, then leaned in close and kissed his soft balls, purring against his skin as his gasps became louder at the contact. Extending my tongue, I traced a vein up his hard shaft with it, then circled it around his head, tasting his salty precum. I felt one of his hands stroke my hair as his gasps turned into low moans, as my tongue trailed over his slit, the taste of precum filling my mouth. I closed my eyes, opening my mouth wide to allow my lips to envelope his head. As he groaned softly I slowly took his length into my mouth and down my throat, pressing my tongue against the underside. I'd waited so long for this, too long perhaps and I wanted to make sure it was good for him. I sucked slowly on his shaft, speeding up as his fingers tightened their grip on my hair. Every time I bobbed my head up and down I took a little more of him into my mouth. At first I could only manage half, but after a few minutes I had my nose buried in his thick, curly pubic hairs. I'd sucked dick before, both bigger and smaller ones then him, but this felt different. This felt right somehow. I increased my suction and the speed of my movements, hearing him babble incoherently above me. My left hand's fingers were now stroking his soft, full balls, while my right hand trailed up under his shirt, stroking his smooth, perfect body to tweak his hardened nipples.

It was the increased amount of precum in my mouth that told me he was close. Followed, a few seconds later, by his other hand joining the first on my head and his head tipping back against the wall. I smield around his length, lightly grazing my teeth as I pinched his left nipple, then his right, my other hand squeezing his balls as I humemd around him. Although I didn't want this to really end, I wanted to taste his seed more then that. Within moments, his hips were thrusting up and he was flooding my mouth with his cum. He tasted salty, yet oddly sweet at the same time. Definately the best I'd ever tasted. I swallowed every single drop that spurted from his head.

Once he finished, he panted as he softened in my mouth, his fingers finally leaving my hair. I would've stayed there a few more minutes, even though I knew it would probably only have earn me a spray of his piss but a sound stopped me. The sound of clapping. I puleld of his cock, to gaze at it's source and my face dropped once I'd found it.



"Good job Maxxie. Though I doubt Sid'll remember in the morning. Good job I took pictures I can use as reminders eh?" Double shit. A smirk crossed his lips as he gazed down at me, my own mouth opening and closing as I tried to form words, some sort of excuse, anything. But nothing came to mind before he spoke again. "Of course, I could be persuaded not to show him."

I nodded, knowing instantly what I'd have to do so that Sid would never know what had happened tonight. I glanced back at him, his body now slumped against the wall, his eyes shut as he fell into a drunken slumber. I put his cock away then zipped up his fly, before standing up and heading to Tony. "I'll do whateve it takes."

"Good boy Maxxie. May as well start now." And with that he led me away from my love, to start making me pay for my actions.
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