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This guy thinks he's a Jedi. Why don't I need to see your identification?

Today's been eh. At least I wasn't woken by workmen, though I was awake on and off since 6am. Fuck knows why.

Job Centre stuff is sorted, should have money in roughly a week though I've no idea how much it'll be. Appointment things are on Thursdays, though that means the second one'll be on MCR stalking day. I'll ask if I can change it when I go next time (should be do-able). Means I can leave for down south earlier though which is good. Also means it probably will be the last time I go for months. This is the problem with it, although I get money I need to be there every two weeks. Worse it leads to getting a job which means I'm even more tied here with less free time. Meh.

In theory if I get a job it means I have mor emoney which means I can do more things, but in practice it just ties me down here and I won't be able to (as Padme said it in Episode 2) do the things I like and be with the people I love.

I'm not committing to anything till April anyway (something to do with extra tax if I have something before then acording to mum) unless something relaly brilliant turns up (ie a sci-fi shop job, where my knowledge of Star Wars would actually come in useful).

I hate the care home. Is absically where old people are left to die and most of them look like they can't move or talk (and those that do talk sound like they're talking nonsense of doing zombie moans). I hate it, it always makes me depressed. I ended up, as soon as I was back, curling up in the blanket cause of it. I hate going there.

Madina Lake were on Kerrang radio. Well, not them, House Of Cards was played and the DJ dude said he really liked it. I thought I was hearing things when it played though.

Mum's being annoying. I don't know which is worse, her constant moaning or how she is now, overly chipper and happy. It scares me.

Is MSN fucking up for everyone?

Least today is the last day I need to up and going out for awhile.
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