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They're easy to manipulate, but somehow they take everything five steps too far

The funniest thing EVER

I love the Rabbids, please let them have a gane of there own.

I'm loathe to admit that Final Fantasy XII looks absolutely amazing, but only cause it's a PS2 game. If I didn't hate Playstation's so much (on principle mostly) I'd get one just to play that game. And the Resident Evils. Bring on the PS3 so I can get a free one off babu

Forces Of Corruption's mouse disappearing has pissed me off for the last time. I've sent a message to Lucasarts asking about it.

The Blackout are doing a tour (at the Barfly, hence the post about it). I'm in two minds to go though, mostly cause I've afraid of getting lost there and secondly cause of where it is near bars. Drunk people make me nervous and scare me. Couldn't they do the Academy or even Wolverhampton instead?

Earlier AOL decided to be clever and die. I hate that.

I need to find my wallet before tomorrow. And do my nails. And... something else, I dunno. I hate that tomorrow, after going to the Centre the day basically becomes babysitting minus the pay but with extra boredom. Sigh.

I need Jared porn.

I need Rabbid and Skins caps too. Caps of Maxxie < 3

Fic soon, like within an hour soon I hope
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