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If we had a battle cry, it would be, ‘Have you triple-checked this with your superiors?'

Well, that trip turned into a big waste of time. Asda had no Star Wars figs, veggi sausage rolls or the 30 Seconds single. In other words practically everything I went for. Bah.

Though haveing 6 Pepsi bottles sorta makes up for it.

It looks like the workmen will be finished by Monday. Huzzah! No being woke up so I'm made cranky.

There's a blood donating thing today, but I'm not going cause I can't fnd my form and the scars are still too clear.

Things to muse on:
*In the Skins ad Tony seems to go for Anwar so well as Maxxie, does that make him bi or just a big slut? (Although Maxxie is clearly the hotter one)
*If Mcfly do a vid where they don't show skin or cross-dress will the world end?
*Why are Asda bags so shit and easy to break? (no wonder Matt uses Tesco ones)
*Would the Confederacy have won the Clone Wars had Sidious not been controlling both sides?
*Why are tentacles so attractive?
*Why is block so easy to get and so hard to rid?
*Which is better: getting a GBA for £30 with (at least) Pokemon Red and Blue, or a Game Boy Player for £35 with a cube controller?
*Where did my poster of Will showing his hips go?
*Why is it that whenever there's a cd/dvd offer on you can only find too many or too few but never the right amount?
*Why are PS2 mags everywhere and Nintendo ones nowhere?
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