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It's your choice, it's always your choice

What the fuck is wrong with From First To Last? They've cancelled Give It A Name, nmaking it their 4th cancellation. Their FORTH SUCESSIVE cancellation. Are they trying to doom their careers?

Let's hope The Blackout take their place.

Onto Skins rambling. Maxxie with devil ears is sex. Very much sex. it makes him look like Sean. Tony is a bastard. Sid's mum leaving his dad... I could see it coming. Sid is hot and has a cute hamster. Chris is funny. Gang girls scare me. Tony's a bastard. Poor Cassie:( I wanna hug her even more now.

Looks like Maxxie's more in next week. Looks like I'll feel sorry for him too. Mostly causa what... I can't rememeber his name says.

I hate the ads on 4, namely the Talk to Frank, Lily Allen and The Simple Life ones. they make me wanan stab myself.

Back to writing again.

Edit: Holy shit holy shit! Was I seeing things or in that Skins ad did Tony go to KISS Maxxie?
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