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In a house of cards

I had a dream again last night. I was in the toilets in the Bullring and Mikey was there. My reaction? To stare at his cock and proclaim 'I had a dream of you with tits!' Maybe these dreams are a sign I shouldn't be allowed near the Ways. Or maybe just Mikey.

Obviously last night I didn't write enough to post. Mostly cause I got to comfy in the blanket and fell asleep. Also cause I was talking to people. I'll have some by tonight though.

It's so cold I didn't wanna go to my appointment. But I did and everything's as it should be, and the nurse was nice. I got Kerrang on the way back home, which has things that make me squee inside.

Things that make me squee (though mostly random) in order:
*Will Beckett is so pretty
*Full page 30 Seconds ad < 3
*The Madina Lake twins are pretty too (though that might be my incest thing kicking in), have they been slashed yet?
*I want Billy's book, it sounds cute and all his art is just < 3
*Oli is so sweet, making a t-shirt for PETA2
*Ville Valo is scary with facial hair
*Sonny in Disney Land is oddly cute
*Jim Carrey looks hot in The Number 23 (not random, there's an ad for it)
*Gerard and Matt Heafy had sex (and apparently both hold invisible balls)
*Jared's hot in the poster, though it's too small
*I'll get the Take Action! cd if i see it, cause I'm nice like that
*Yay for A Beautiful Lie getting 4 K's
*Also yay for Madina Lake's and Good Charlotte's albums being out soon (both 'll get)
*Next week has a post of Mark (which is hot) and Gerard (also hot) though when wil lwe get a Mikey one? I demand it < 3
*Also there's The Academy Is... Madina Lake, MCR and Lostprophets in there too

There's my weekly Kerrang ramble done. Now I shall write and fill in the forms that came through the mail today.

Workmen outside: STFU!

Edit: Ok, all I have to do with forms is sign them. 11 pages and all I have to is sign. Odd.
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