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LiMerge Power

Today's been another odd day.

I woke up late so ran about to get out. Ah the joy's of the care home. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. I never know what to do or say cause I can't understand 80% of what she says. Still, when she saw me she smiled, so that's something, though she looks extremely thin which scares me more then a little.

Mum's annoying still, as always.

Shopping might be moved to tomorrow, so I can chuck Kerrang/Star Wars figs in trolley then. Yay!

How much after Mikey's boots? You know the whore ones? They're the only footwear i'm interested in, though I seem to remember they're about £300 :(

What's the Berth dvd like?

Later, I'm gonna focus on writing. I've closed about half the fics so now I have the following open:
My Body Is Your Body
Hungry Eyes
Surgery fic
The Time Of Our lives
Today We Learn About Oral

Hopefully 1+ shall have soemthing postable tonight.

I'm gonna go snuggle in blanket now.
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