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Cause it's better if you do

The Wii is back! Hooray! I might set it back up later (if I can be bothered cause last night's dvd set up alone was a real fucking pain) and then Link and hawt Prince Ralis here I come. Woot!

Mum and babu's mum need to have a meeting. Mum's bothering me about photography cause of a course she's doing. Sigh. She doesn't even know anything to do with the old laptop. She is, of course, a div.

I've worked out that (if they do back payments like they assured me on the phone) I could get over a grand by mid-March (with more by the end). This pleases me as one it'll get mum to leave me alone and two I'll have money again. I like having money. Once I know how much i'm getting then we're going to negotiate how much I get, though it'll be over £200 at least.

This means I can get Berth, have money for both MCR's, be able to get Star Wars stuff (read as Skirmish In the Senate battle pack and whatever figs they have) and some more Black parade clothing. At least one pair of the trousers will be mine. Also i ca give babu some back. Of course, the advantage of this money is that a trip to Birmingham is essential to get all these things (there's nowhere in Wolverhampton that has the Black Parade stuff that I know of and it's a bit... unreliable, though I still might go there at some point) which is a trip I needed to do anyway in order to find where the NIA is so I have my bearings.

Naturally this makes me happy inside, even though it's not even confirmed yet. I'll find out when the letter comes through.

Sadly I'll have no access to a credit card, so i'll still need to beg people to use there's (but I can reimburse them so.. < 3).

I'm expecting, at some point this week to be woke up for Janeyfer's pressie. I'm told I'll like it (which means it's probably Star Wars stuff). Horray!

Onto the pic post now. Very evry image heavy and multi-fandom (Star Wars, Skins, Torchwood, MCR etc).

Padme Amidala's Senatorial Cruiser (covered in chronium plating normally only reserved for Naboo's monarchs) on it's way to Coruscant prior to the Battle Of Geonosis with an escort of Naboo N-1 Starfighters

The Senatorial Cruiser exploding shortly after landing on a Coruscant landing platform

Sunset on Coruscant

The Acklay assigned to kill Obi--Wan during the execution on Geonosis

The Nexu assigned to kill Padme

the InterGalactic Banking clan's Hailfire droids during the Battle Of Geonosis

Kit Fisto during the battle of Mon Calamari during the Clone Wars

Padme Amidala and R2-D2 on Ilum

The Second Battle Of Coruscant

Various Seperatist war droids during the Third Battle of Kashyyyk

Grievous Vs Obi-Wan during the Battle of Utapau

The bridge cities of Cato Neimoidia during the second battle there


Aayla Secura just before her troopers execute Order 66

Clone Troopers killing Jedi on the Temple on Coruscant during Operation Knightfall

The Temple in flames

Celebrations in Theed shortly after the battle of Endor

Gerrad Way apparently in Ray's room looking at internet porn note the Charmander


Mikey makes odd and hot faces

And licks his bass

And is stumped by technology

And has a big banana

And a hot neck

Mmmm Mikey crotch

Gerard and Ian

Gerard and Jared, who are discussing a brother-fucking exchange program

"MY hot sexy brother MINE!"

THE Bobness!

A camera at Mikey's crotch? gotta be Gerard

Oh look it's Frankie being cute

And hot

The Torosaurus < 3

Ian is guh end of

The groom's bride is a manwhore!

See how adorable Ash is?

And hot in his sleep

Hotter topless

Adorable Sid < 3

And Maxxie < 3 Ah the gay

Sexy Prince Ralis

Pete in the closet. Literally

If I find out Pete's purpose (other then getting nnaked and showing us his dick) I'll let you know

Patrick with his legs wide open. The slut

Awww isn't he adorable?

Torchwood's 'superlaser' used to destroy the fleeing Sycorax ship during The Christmas Invasion

Jack on Jack snoggage < 3

Shuichi in gravitation crossdressing.

Jay just being adorable

A random pic of Will Beckett. Just cause

"Argh a scantily clad girl!"
"I'm scared!"

Spencer's guh!

And again!

Brent can be hot too

Good Charlotte with Vader and Chewie

Guh Paul!

Joey in Mysterious Skin

Perdy Oli

And I'm done
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