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For some unknown reason I was awake at 7. Bah. Good job I was really cause the Job Centre thing called half hour ago, so now that's sorted. Well, mostly. I couldn't find my bank card so I've gotta go that down on the forms when they come. The first appointment is on the first, so if it's in two week rotations after that the next ones will be the 15th and 29th. Trouble is the 29th/30th is the second MCR, so I'll have to ask to reschedule it to the Tuesday of that week otherwise I'll be madly rushed to get down south.

It took me half hour to sort out the dvd play back into working condition. Bah! Once working I spent about 3 hours watching the Pokemon series. Ash is hot topless, is that wrong? James is hot in general and so is Gary. Two of the eps in the three hours had all three in the same place which of course means a threesome. Brock's sorta hot too really.

I watched Mock The Week before the Mon though. There's this really adorable guy on it that I'm convinced is gay. How come my dar only works on famous people and lesbians/bi-girls?


Creatures makes me sad. Mikey died from organ failure. Sob

I didn't write cause... well, Pokemon is very distracting. That and I can't decided which to concentrate on. Consulting the last poll doesn't really help though, mostly as it doesn't have the latest 3 added fics. So I'll just take a look over them again later.

One good thing about being up now means I can see The Cat Returns. Yay!

I might do a random picture post later of various hot guys. However I'm too lazy right now.

Futurama's getting another series. YAY!

Another 2 icons replaced.

Tomorrow is going to see nan. Oh joy, it means a few hours with mum. Fun. I think I'll stab my eardrums now. Friday I'm going with her shopping though so I'm hoping Asda will have the Star Wars figs (and 30 Seconds single).
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