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On backwards!

No Wii today, but should be by the end of the week. I hope.

Today was odd. I didn't really like it. I saw the new doctor and didn't really like him. I had an appointment to see the nurse tomorrow at 10 but it's now 10:40 Thursday.

Finally found Job Centre. I was going the wrong way entirely, but now it's half-sorted. Another call tomorrow shall fully sort it.

Had Mcdonalds today. I like fries.

I ended up being very... introspective today. It all made me think bad things, about all that's gone wrong and fucked up in my life over the past few years. I was going to make a post about it but decided not to. If I dwell on those thoughts and feelings, then I'll only end up depressed.

I'm going to end up with another Metal Hammer. Balls. Damn MCR for being so pretty on the cover that I had to buy it as opposed to Rock Sound (with Good Charlotte on the front) and play Music (which I looked in today and Ian is licking Oli's knuckles, it's hot). Does anyone want it?

Speaking, vaguely of Lostprophets the new vid (what I've seen of it, stupid Quicktime) is hot. Wet!Ian and Ilan < 3

Where's all the Pokemon yaoi/slash? i can't find it.

My babu's in the paper! Page 45 of the Daily Star. Insert pride here.

To an extent I hate my grandad. He's old and alright mostly, but he thinks gayness in genera is wrong and unnatural. And of course thinks HIV is a 'gay disease'. Ugh. I can't believe him. I ended up arguing with him over it until he shut up.

I thank the internet for allowing me to be the way I am. If I didn't have the internet when I did I wouldn't have known that my feeling (for other guys) were normal. I know that I'd have probably gone insane and killed myself.

It makes me feel even more sorry for the poor people that have to live the extrememly backward homophobic countries in the Middle East and Africa, who can not only be imprisoned for being gay but even executed. Why the fuck is no one intervening and stoping such insanity, or can the US really see no further then the oil fields and terrorists?
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