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You'd think they'd never seen a cat and a gil on a broomstick before

Thank you tv guide for not saying Kiki's Delivery Service was on today clearly. Damn. Naturally I'm going to miss it all with the stupid things to do today. It looks good too, I love the kitty. Still there's other Hayao Miyzaki films on this week though so yay!

I spent last night mostly on Creatures 2 again. Gerard died (although how I'm not sure) but that doesn't stop Mikey from procreating. He now has sex with his CHILDREN (big on incest isn't he?) so now has had 9 kids (for with Gerard) one of which is technically also his grandkid. Gods.

Here is a pic of what the Creatures (known as Norns) look like:

Cute aren't they? But sex mad. I've named them all after males, even the girl ones so it can be a bit confusing sometimes. Right now though, there seems to be an egg laid every five minutes and every Norn in the whole world is somehow related to Mikey (child/grandkid/other distant relative).

He's a scary and horny thing. Much like his namesake.

I didn't get any writing done due to lack of inspiration. I'm goonna try and do some when I return.

Still no sign of SP.

I've mostly filled in a form for the doctor. On the back it says about organ donation. I've ticked heart and pancreas. Only those two cause I don't want to be gutted like a fish and I might give a kidney/lung while still alive. Also my corneas are a bit useless so who'd want them? Course, I'm sure they'll have the sense not to take the heart if that's what killed me.

I crave chocolate but there's none here. Sigh. I crave to smoke too, I have for a few days. I dunno why I haven't though. I think I will once I'm back (another reason my lungs aren't on the list).

I need to redo my nails too.

Thankfully there's fuck all on tongiht so I can get busy writing. Provided I have inspiration of course.
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