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Hey Mister DJ

I've developed an unhealthy fixation on Cobra Starship songs. Especially Send My Love To The Dancefloor I'll See You In Hell (Hey Mister DJ). Gods, titles are long these days.

Considering my love of Mcfly is now practically zero I think I'll delete some of my Mcfly icons. I'm not gonna write anything with them as a band anymore. It'll be just one member/someone else, mostly ones already planned. I'll probably not get the next album they do.

I think my SP is at nan's. This is mostly from searching everywhere here and not finding even a trace of it. Logically it's there.

Playing on Leaf Green isn't much of a substitute for Gold though.

Another one off fic is added to the to-do list. I blame rp with babu.

I wanna watch a dvd but can't be arsed to set up the player after mum's lead removal. it's all a confusing jumble.

And what would I watch anyway? I can't decide. Probablty Pokemon.

I'm getting the Wii back Monday, although it means Monday will be a very annoying day. Mum's decided to change GP's (to one that's twice/three times the distance away) so there's forms to fill out and I have to take them in. I don't want to cvhange but I wasn't even consulted. Again. Bitch. Then I have to go to Cannock and sort Job Centrer out. More joy. More getting confused over directions. As long as I do that though, the Wii is mine.

22nd of March is national stalk MCR in Birmingham day. I'll be going all around the city in hopes of seeing them... and if found they never be seen again mwhhahha! Especially if it's Mikey. Or Bob. Or Ray. Or Gerard. Or Frankie... well, any of them really.

Then it's wait-outside-to-see-if-they-come-out day the next week at Wembley.

On the trip back I had dreams of me meeting them. I ran into Gee and Mikey and sequees at them, saying 'You two had sex!' I'd prefer clamming up and going all shaky to that any day.

Here endeth the random, back to writing I shall go.
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