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Come on bring it

Still no sign of anything. Mum won't goimme Wii till I give her money. The bitch. Money isn't even sorted yet and it was all gonna be assigned to MCR. She also broke my earphones.

No sign of what I was looking for. Now there's more things added as I remembered I lost some figs.

I geeked out, so here's the Star Wars pic post. A note though: I have no Yoda, so there's no Yoda vs Sidious/Kashyyyk scenes done.

Invisible Hand

R2 vs Super Battle Droid. This would look better with the new Super Battle Droid, but alas I don't have it yet

Invisible Hand bridge

Obi-Wan and Anakin Vs Count Dooku

Dooku's decapitation

Jedi on the bridge!

Venator-Class Star Destroyer 1

Look at my pretty new interceptor!


Obi-Wan vs Grievous

The Battle of Utapau


Jedi Vs Sidious

Mace Vs Sidious


Sepratist Council Slaughter

Vader chokes Padme

Vader Vs Obi-Wan

Polis Massa

"She's carrying twins"


"Can you hear me?"

Tantive IV

"Take these droids"

Venator-Class Star Destroyer 2

Insert Death Star here

Figs not in scenes

Kit Fisto, Foul Moudama, Galactic Marine, Meena Tills, Ask Aak, R5-J2, Tarfful


All the figs together

In pride of place is the Falcon in custom Episode 3 colours done by babu. This is my pride and joy as it's truly unique. It's the main reason why all my Ep 3/Clone Wars stuff is grouped together in one place. As you can see I have a lotta Ep 3 stuff, but I could always have more. At some point the interior of the Falcon shall be used as storage when there's no room around it. Already it has an Utapau Clone trooper in it's cockpit.
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