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Dance all night

I spent most of last night searching for a trinity of lost things. First, blue tack to put the posters back up. Second, all my Star Wars Essential Guides which have been missing since the last time I went to see babu. Finally, and perhaps msot importantly, is looking for my SP.

I want to go on Gold real bad (as I was allowed to bring it back with me) but I can only use the SP as my GBC is long gone and I never had Stadium 2. I remember seeing it omewhere, but I just can't recall where.

Naturally my search for all three proved fruitless, leading me to think that a certain someon (read as mum) has moved and hidden them all.

I was meant to be over at nan's now, but cause of last night I just didn't want to go. That coupled with not waking properly till 12. Alas, I'll have to go over anyway for supplies, including the camera which isn't here.

Bah, I'm still not fully awake, but I'll go in a few.

I dunno how long I'll be, but once back I'll do another search, then take pics of Star Wars figs then write.
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