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Hungry Eyes Part 1

Hungry Eyes
Pairing: Ray/Bob
Rating: NC-17 (or will be)
POV: Third, but only for this part
Notes: AU, this is the hoe!Ray fic I mentioned awhile back. This was msotly hand written, then typed up, something which I normally hate. It was padded a bit when it was typed so this is version two really. I'm only posting it here for now, msotly as I can't be fucked dealing with stupid moderated comm's. But I'll post it in other places Saturday.
Dedications: antontobias86 and everyone that helped chose the pairing (there will be fics of all the other pairings, like Ray/Waycest and Ray/frankie in other fics though)

Ray Toro had been working the streets of New Jersey for several years now. This wasn't exactly the direction he'd wanted his life to go in. Through his teens he'd played guitar in a variety of local bands until he landed in one that he thought might just be his big break. This band turned out to be the last one he was a member of. A band called My Chemical Romance. He's been asked to join it by the vocalist, Gerard Way who he'd known as a loose friend over the past few years. The band however had an asset that also turned out to be it's biggest flaw. The band had three other members apart from Ray and Gerard: Frankie Iero, who was a guitarist and last minute addition to the band, Matt Pelissier, who was the band's drummer and finally Gerard's bass-guitar-playing brother Mikey. The brothers were pretty much the heart of the band, they kept everything together. As far as Ray knew, Mikey had learned to play bass especially to join his big brother in a band. Their relationship was always strange to Ray. Although he had a brother, he was never as close to him as the Way's were. They never seemed to have had any serious fights in all the time he'd known them, except over who got the last coffee. They always seemed to spend an unusual amount of time together too, often alone behind closed doors. Myabe it should have been obvious to Ray exactly what was going on there, about how the brothers spent the time alone naked and inside each other.

It was Matt that caught them in the end and, on doing so, he left the band disgusted by the pair. Without a drummer things fell apart quickly. Frankie returned to the band he'd come from, not seeing a future in staying behind. So the band was left with just the three of them, Ray and the brothers Way. They knew that the three of them weren't enough to be a band, so they tried to get replacement members. However, no one wanted to join due to Matt spreading the word about what he'd seen. They tried as best they could but eventually it was no good, no one wanted to join them. Finally they decided it was better of just to disband and give up on their dream. The night they made that decision the brothers asked Ray to join them in bed, something which he agreed to. After several nights curled up together, Ray eventually left them for his own small apartment.

Now here he was on a street corner, dressed in a tight black tube top with a short equally black mini-skirt. Hie toe and fingernails were all coated in a layer of black nail polish. His hazel eyes were rimmed with eyeshadow and his large lips were as black as his nails. His curly dark brown hair extended from his head in all directions in waves, though it was much more controlled then it was a few years ago. Fishnet tights covered his hairless legs and ass, with a small triangle of leather sewn into the material to cover his sizeable cock and balls. The final items of his clothing that completed his nightly outfit were shoes with inch-high heels.

He'd been a hooker for just over three years now. His clients were fewer then most whores, though this was mostly due to his hair and lips being considered unattractive by most other malkles. However, his regulars found both to be sexy, so he wasn't going to change anytime soon. His regulars were a small handfull of people that he could probably count on both hands. Among them were both of his ex-bandmates, frankie and Matt, the latter of which took great pleasure in spitting on him, insulting him and kicking him after they fucked, or even during. Frankie, on the other hand, was much more gentle and stroked Ray's curly hair after he came. The other regulars were mostly overweight guys, some of which clearly weren't even American, or guys from some of the small local bands.

When he wasn't standing on street corners or performing various depraved sexual acts (which had included shitting himself in a nappy, ramming a thick 12-inch dildo up himself and being gang fucked by a group of five) he spent his time at home in his tiny apartment, watching Tv or reading some of the various books that he's accumulated. His only friends were the brothers, who'd now ran away to Las Vegas. They regular sent him letters or called him, but were often vague about their lives. All he knew were they were still chasing their dream and had even found some other guys with their passion for music who didn't judge them for being together.

Ray was saving up to join them, as the brothers said that the band wouldn't be complete without him, but it seemed like an impossible task.

He had no help from his family, who'd all disowned him after he told them he was gay, so his life in New Jersey was pretty much lonely.

Tonight though, his lonely, small life was going to change.

A dark blue car pulled up in front of him, the window closest to him wound down almost completely. "Get in." He nodded, opening the door and sliding into the leather passanger seat. The car seemed fairly new, which was always good, though he knew practically nothing about cars so couldn't be 100% sure if it was. As he clicked the seatbelt into place he risked a glance at the driver as the car started moving. The driver had dirty blonde hair, with a fringe the covered his eyebrows. He had slightly stubble on his chin and a silver lip ring on the right side of his lip. His eyes were concealled behind black shades, something which puzzled Ray no end. Who wore sunglasses at night? "We're going to my place, then you'll please me, got it?" Ray merely nodded, trying to place the strange and unfamiliar accent of tonight's client. He wasn't a regular and most definately wasn't from around here. "Good boy." The driver's lips curled slightly into a smirk. "We'll discuss things there whore."

Yes, tonight would change his life, but not for the better.
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