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Cause that's just ridiculous

I wanna hit the Daily Star people. they're so bloody stupid. What's wrong with gay kissing? It's way better then straight kissing any day. I mean seeing two guys make out is just guh!

I didn't wake up till 12. Bollocks. I was meant tto be up at 10 cause of babu's driving lesson so I could type up fic. (Which I did actually do some more to last night... at 4.) So that fucked everything up just a bit. I've wrote the first two paragraphs pretty much, so if I keep on writing it'll be done in an hourish. Then I'll do the other one so yay two fics done tonight. That'll make me feel better.

Went to the garden center place for bugs for Zero, but they had none. They did have this super cute ickle guinea pig that wwas black and had goldish bits. he was so adorable. I named him Fred Frankie in my head.

Then Tesco, which was oki. Got food for the trip. There was this arse behind us on the tills though. there was an old lady in a wheelchair thing and he was moaning about her being slow. She can't help it, she's old you bastard. I seriously wanted to flick him in the eye with something sharp.

Skins tonight, yay!

I'll go back to writing now.
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