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Adapting to the cold

I hate hate hate how cold it is. Yes, I say it in every post, but it's so true.

There's a new Panic! photoshoot with a next to nude model. Naturally they all touch each other and look scared. Gay much? Though I still hate Spencer's hair with a passion. Does miracle grow work on hair?

Wow, it's midnight already. Time sure does fly when you're freezing your ass off.

I managed to write some last night, but alas, it's on the pad. However I think it's alright so shall do more tonight and type it up tomorrow. Hopefully it'll have a pairing decided by then.

Going back friday cause I'm too tired and want a proper goodbye thing.

Last night we watched Fear. It was alright, but ugh whatshername. I dun like her.

This morning we went to a wildlife place. I say this morning I mean 11, so I washalf asleep when we set off. Once there though it was a mostly eh. Most of the animals were, wisely, hibernating so we didn't see much. Howeverever, there were cute ickle mice, a perdy fox and a tame owl called Milo (who I touched and he's so soft). We watched the deers being fed and one got some bread on his antler. However, the most cutest and bestest animal of all was the squirrel. Now squirrels are normally adorable and fluffy, but this one was better then most as it was an albino one so it was all white and perdy. I want one, it was so cute sitting and eating nuts... then burying them. Oh and there was a hedgehog that was blind in one eye: resulting in him running in circles.

I even got a cuddly owl who I've called Spencer.

However most of the time was spent inside waiting for babu's mum to return from taking a million and one photos of anything that moved. Eventually though we returned and I felll asleep, thusly missing most of the Bullet thing again. We went to Tesco to get Kerrang! soon after though, which is squeeish for several things.

The 30 Seconds gig review is the one we were at and got four K's, yay! The 30 Seconds interview has a pic of Jared in a ridiculous hat thing. Random Sean pics make me happy. Next week has posters of Jared and MCR/Trivium which makes me happy.

The best part is the thing about the Big Day Out with MCR. Mikey's made a new friend with Trivium Matt (who, although I have none of there albums I think is pretty). Gerard explains why he dyed his hair back to black (because he started to feel less and less like himself). The pics are hot. There's a Waycest/Bob one that makes me think 'yeah, they just ahd sex' even though Bob's wearing shades. Then theres's a Waycest pic of them pressed up against each other, like right against each other. The caption for the pic is "Dude those are MY balls." "Sorry bro". I'm gonna have to find a scan of the pic to spread the love.

The best part though, I think anyway, is a quote near the start so I'm typing it word for word.

"We're not seeing anything," smirks vocalist Gerard Way.
"We're sitting in our hotel rooms," adds his brother, Mikey.

Sex much? Sadly it then says they never take their shirts off in public. Why? incriminating tattoos or marks from kinky sex?

Anyway... I'm going to check my e-mail/write/go on bunny's/Pokemon/type fic. I'll be online on AIM from 10amish onwards. So... prod me then.

Edit: Thee scan thee.

By babu < 3 antontobias86

Oh I forgot. There's new Black Parade style jackets and stuff now. I want them all. There's the one I've got in silver, silver and gold trousers, a silver dress and a gold corset. They're all so perdy.

Force Unleashed sounds so fucking cool.

The fic mentioned above is the hoe!Ray one.
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