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But not really

Finally called mum back. She's annoying as always. She lists what's going on and says it like it's my fault. Now how could I mess up Danny's ears or make grandad worse again? How are these things my fault?

Obviously, they're not, but she does love to make out like they are.

I hate that Bullet on Kerrang has turned out to be just Moose and Matt. Especially as Moose doesn't seem to understand that you have to talk into the mike. Sigh. Wish it was Jay insstead, maybe he's shy? or worse, stuck with drunken Padge.

Yay for 30 Seconds being plugged on Kerrang. Although the DJ cannot say Jared's last name for the life of him.

Since last post most of the time's been on one Pokemon or another. I plan on writing tonight, well try anyway.
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