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Awake and unafraid

I hate mum. She called last night just to have a go. I hate her.I've gotta go tomorrow else she'll go crazy and cut the net off. This pisses me off mainly cause it means I'd lose my primary e-mail address and favourites, so I can't stay.

Maybe it's for the best though, I dunno.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Rayman Raving Rabbids is love. The bunny's! The WAH! It's just so funny and brilliant and yay! Anyone that hasn't played it, go rent it or whatever. I wish I ahd the Wii version, cause it looks funner.

I like Zero, he spent last night on my leg while we watched Requiem For A Dream. It's a weird film, but it's got Jared in (which meant every 5 seconds there were calls of 'we met you!') and he's very guh at the end. How does losing an arm make someone hotter? Also, who the hell puts condoms on a double-ended dildo?

There was such a storm last night. The rain was so loud on the conservatory, I thought the glass might break.

Been on Pokemon a lot again. I love eet.

There was a weird guy at Tesco that decided to talk to me. It scared me.

I wish we had Free Comic Book day over here. There's an Umbrella Academy one this year that I want. I'm sure there'll be a Star Wars one too, there always is.

My earphones have broke, so I have to find the old ones I left when I was here last. Trust it to bust as soon as I get the Piano Tribute.

I started that fic, but the comp died so I didn't do much too it... well, just the first paragraph. I'll do some more tonight.

Poll in last post, so vote if you haven't. I like polls. So far most of the results are tied.

Stuff to do tonight:
*Finish fic
*Upload the two pics to go with it to photobucket
*Post it
*Charge DS
*Pack stuff
*Sort ticket
*Go on Pokemon again
*E-mail self pics
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