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Still coming through!

SNOW! There was snow! And enough this time for there to be snowmen on every street and random giant balls of snow everywhere. Ahh the snow's so pretty like this, it's a shame more hasn't fallen yet and most has melted already. Everyone on the radio was all hyped about it. Mostly cause kids had snow days.

I'm shit at Sonic, mostly as I can't stand the Playstation 2 controls and I haven't been on it in years.

I came to the realisation that I've played Ocarina Of Time about 7 times all the way through. Scary. Even scarier I'll be playing it through again once I've done Twilight Princess.

Went to Tunbridge Wells today. It twas good, though the HMV is tiny. Berth looks so perdy, but it's so expenmnsive. Maybe Memories is cheaper and that's an import! I dunno how come it's more, but it makes me sad. I'll have to check Music Zone.

Babu got me one of those three figure sets from Argos. It's £13.99 right, but we gave the guy a £20 and he gave us back £16! Ah well. The three figs were a Galactic Marine (which babu's keeping), R2 and Mace. Not bad really though I'd have prefered the Super Battle Droid and one of the non-Mace figs.

Got R5-J2 from the sci-fi shop though. it's so perdy and black.

Babu hasn't got her lip done, but is starting to stretch her ears and is gonna get the lip done when we next go now she's got a numbing thing. They were really nice in the shop though (though the first place we went in was shit and overly expensive).

I did some notes to Ray fic. So far there's a description of him, but still no pairing. Still no idea how it'll go either. Therefore I've decided to ask: Who'd you like to see Ray paired with? Anyone at all, however random (though must be a guy). Since it's an AU fic it really can be whoever, it's just a matter of deciding. So... suggest away!

I might see about writing something when I'm on properly in a few.

This is why Jay's my fav in Bullet.

Yay for The Black parade going platinum.

Fat And Alone always plays when I'm on this computer. Why?
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