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Would it have been too much to ask to give the order before I gave him the bloody lightsaber?

Ahh Noel Fielding is love. He was so adorable on Buzzcocks. Donny was just.. ugh. I wanna hit him. Simon was brilliant. I really must get the Mighty Boosh on dvd.

I've spent the day making lists. Star Wars figure lists. Ones I have, ones I want. The first one was longer then I expected.

Fairy and Piggy have returned to my arms again. I like them there for some reason. I'm odd.

Kerrang's good this week. 4 hot posters, Pete and Patrick (with Pete being all tied up.... who bets there'll be fic by people about that soon?) and Star Wars references. Patrick's adorable. Next week makes me squee. 30 Seconds, MCR, FOB and GC. Ah, happy days.

I have a love/hate relationship with Pokemon Stadium 2. I lose too much, it pisses me off. Half the Pokemon have a punch or earthquake or some insane bollocks like that. Just when I think I'm winning they use one of those to kill me, it's so fucking frustrating.

Going to Tunbridge Wells tomorrow (Star Warsness FTW!) and... well, that's it. I'll try and be on aim too 9I was meant to tonight, but didn't)

Yay for Desperate Housewives, well, what I saw of it. The annoying one died!

I've got an idea for a fic in my head, which I might write (ghods I hate physically writing) but I can't decide on the pairing. One of them is Ray, I know that much. I might just write and work in names later. (Also I'm not sure if it'll be pure smut or end up with eye gouging and torture).

I've fics to read later (2 Sean/Oli).

People are crazy though when it comes to Oli. Mod's on theacademyslash didn't accept a post just cause the user used a BMTH icon. That's fucking screwy.

And here I am, signing off again.

Edit: Anyone got pictures of Ray showing skin or his crotch?
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