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Signing off

Last night was horrible. I woke up at almost 6 and I was just... a furnace. I was so wore I hate to take what I had on off to try and cool down and even then it took a good half hour too cool down. It made me feel like I was sick again. Thankfully it's gone now, I just hope it doesn't happen tonight.

The sweat from the heat means I have an imprint of F three times on my tummy. Gah.

Gonna look over fics and see if anything springs to mind. Most likely it'll be Dead! that gets written (since I've written a lot to it already) but I'm not sure yet.

I'm not posting this under a cut. I feel the world needs to just see the utter guhness that is Ian Watkins. Just when you think he couldn't get hotter this shows up.

Edit: I want to see Duncan James' new video. Torture and violence...
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