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You better do better then that

So I'm staying till Wednesday. This is, in large part, to spite my mum. Goddess knows she's given me a lot of reasons to hate her:
*She read my locked diary and found out I was bi (just because the diary was 'in her way') way before I was ready to tell her
*Didn't tell me that my grandad's cancer had returned
*Didn't tell me nan was admitted to hospital until DAYS after it happened
*Bitches at me constantly
*Spends 75% of the time fighting with me, then the other 25% saying we have to 'stick together' which means no fighting for a few days tops
*Moans at me for things that aren't my fault
*Blames me for giving her colds: when her job involves kids who she's far more likely to get them from
*Says she wants to talk properly with me... then moans within 5 minutes
*Doesn't tell me when she sees nan at the hospital until after she's been
*Reads my bank statements: and mail in general
*Bitched at me for being online all the time (both when it was ordinary phone line and even now as it's broadband)
*Moans that I stay up too late, even though she's not even at home
*Complains about everything to me, which I just don't wanna hear
*Wants me to go out with her, but just keeps me in one shop and won't let me go where I want
*Moans about my life in general
*Whenever I see her now she doesn't even ask how I am or what I've been doing
*Wakes me up with hoovering, then leaves it right in the way from my room
*Messes up my room completely whenever I'm not home

Thusly, spiteful I am.

Went to the big Asda today. It's smaller then I expected, but yay I got a Star Wars fig. I was gonan get the new R2 but got a Galactic Marine instead (cause online they're more expensive so I guess they're rarer). It's shit at standing up and gods the clones are ugly.

I love Pokemon Stadium 2, though I hate the trainers are smart and Pokemon have unexpected attacks (Meowth with Thunder WTF?).

Went to Tesco too and babu got some dvds and FOB's album. Yay stealing bonus track's here I come. I love Galaxy eggs.

Cause I'm staying tomorrow, I might write something in the two hours of babu's driving lesson.

I ahd something else to say... but it's gone now. GAH!
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