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A taste of my world

By the goddess' it's fucking cold. It was too warm last night, but now it's like the whole house is an ice box. Ugh.

I finally watched Skins last night. Sid and Maxxie are adorable, though Maxxie needs more screen time and to do stuff with guys, preferably Sid. Though Sid is screwed causa that Mad guy. In the first ep,I thought Cassie was all... too out of it and crazy, but the second one I started empathising with her. I just wanna give her a hug (especially for her parents, how disturbing). Though that whole eat thing, was that really in her head, or was it someone/something else? Hmmm. I likes it.

The Thing disturbs me (mostly causa what happened to the dogs, it had me under the covers) and after the disturbing it was just so boring and reminded me too much of an X-File.

Rayman is love still.

Apparently I was really warm last night. I dunno if I was.

I spent an hour lying in bed before sleep cause babu felt an evil presence outside and I dind't wwanna leave the room in case it was still there.

There's a reviewy thing of the 30 Seconds gig in the paper. Yay!

This Ain't A Scene is number 2 too yay!

Has anyone got The String Quartet tribute to Panic? (or the piano one to MCR?) I really wanna hear it, yet the download link for it's still dead. Oh, while I'm at it, hcould someone upload the last Taking Back Sunday album? (or any of them cause I'm deprived like that).

Going soon though to babu's guitar, then to the massive Asda for Star Wars figure goodness (I wonder if they'll have Berth?).
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